if i was your ear

Isabel’s sculptural ceramic pieces express the feeling of being in one’s own body through interaction. She encourages the pieces to be felt and holded, raising tactile perception. Touch is a grounding sense that is activated at the border between the body and a form, placing us in the world. She focuses on the relationship between the senses, where in the absence of one, the other is heightened. Elements of her pieces draw on how the feeling of being inside your body can be extended to objects. It is the combination of the form and the viewer that makes the experience complete. She uses the negative spaces of the body to build shapes, resulting in organic and imperfect shapes. What motivates her to make work is the healing power of self recognition, and to make an experience of this during the interaction with the ceramic form.

Photography and drawing are essential processes in her research. Making maquettes out of found materials also lends itself to the manifestation of new sculptures. Isabel uses techniques such as handbuilding using coils. She experiments with different clays, tactile lumps and internal spaces. Tactile glazes are occasionally used to add colour, depth and character.