Isabel’s work seeks to reconnect people with their senses, specifically of touch and hearing. The outcomes are semi-functional interactive ceramic forms. Their surfaces are pleasant to touch for the body, and their hollows create echo sounds for the ears to listen. The ceramic forms bear resemblance to ears, noses and parts of your body.

A connection between object and viewer is realised. A known sense of the present moment in the viewer is drawn to the surface in the interaction with these forms. This creates a felt experience of embodiment and the way embodiment can make the viewer feel at ease and calm, drives and motivates Isabel’s practice.


Pieces are available to buy, and commission based work is welcomed. To enquire, contact Isabel by:

• email at
• purchase directly from etsy

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• National College of Art and Design, 2014—2019
• University of Barcelona (International Year), 2017—2018


• First Class Honors Degree in International BA (Hons) Fine Art in The National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


• 'if i was part of you', NCAD Show, 2019
• Zozimus: Conscious Makers Dublin, 2017
• Zozimus: A Conspicuous Collection Dublin, 2019